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Pastor Jess McKinley

Jess W. McKinley was born in Spokane Washington, and raised in Sacramento, California
where he met His Savior and Redeemer before his senior year in high school. Hearing a call to
ministry, Jess moved to Portland, Oregon in 1972 to pursue a ministerial degree from Warner
Pacific University. Upon graduating with a theology degree but discerning a great call to
service, specifically social service, Jess spent the next 23 years working in the area of
neighborhood and family mediation, youth counseling, and adoption work; with each
experience bringing greater management responsibilities. In 1989 the Lord enlarged Jess’
passion for community work by shifting his focus to the broader economic issues impacting
our local communities and the state. Over the next 13 years Jess worked for the City of
Portland and the State of Oregon’s economic development agencies. During this season of
Jess’ life, he married his first wife of 30 years, now deceased, raised two strong, gifted
children, was personally mentored by Pastor Joshua and Dr. Virginia Phillips as a spiritual son
in ministry, and served for several years as a servant leader under Dr. James Martin, Mt. Olivet
Baptist Church. Jess learned the values of working in another man’s ministry while balancing
ministry and being a loving, committed husband and father to his family with Christ at the
center of everything.


Jess’ passion for men dramatically shifted when he began attending and co-facilitating a multi-
church Men’s Bible Study; working alongside men, helping them to develop as men of the

Kingdom, and how to conduct themselves as men in their marriage and their home. Jess’
unique approach is using the God given gift of Wisdom and Teaching the practical application
of the Word. Jess prays and believes God for everything, no matter how big or small.
After being widowed for 8 1⁄2 years, and by the will of the Father, Jess found the love of his
life, Prophetess Mable Davis. Jess and Mable were married June 5th 2021. They now attend
Restoration Outreach Community Center (ROCC) as Associate Pastors under the ministerial
direction of Senior Pastor Gloria Faye Stidum. As Associate Pastor Jess now conducts a
prayer class teaching men and women the dynamic, yet practical principles of praying. Jess is

a spiritual Father to many men who look up to him for guidance. He loves to talk to men one-
on-one, taking them out and seeking out ways to help them fulfill their call and their

journey. Jess moves powerfully in prophetic wisdom as the Lord directs him.
He will soon launch a new Kingdom Men’s gathering as God leads at ROCC.


Jess’ vision is to stand up and equip a New Generation of Kingdom Men who understand
who the King is, what the Kingdom is and what is their place in the Kingdom. Kingdom Men
whose mantel and identity are that of Ambassadors of the Kingdom, spiritual warriors and
servant leaders who “live lives [of honor, moral courage, and personal integrity] worthy of the
God who [saves you and] calls you into His own kingdom and glory.” 1 Thess. 2.12 (AMP).
“For the kingdom of God is not based on talk but on power”. 1 Corinthians 4.20 (AMP). Men
who will worship God. Men who will war in worship and prayer. Men who will be
accountable, responsible and consistent/persistent in their walk. Men who set the tempo and
the tone in their homes, church and community.

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