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Executive Overseer
Leo stidum

Executive Overseer of Operations Leodis Stidum Jr. was born into a large family of
eight from humble beginnings growing up in San Diego, California. He moved to
Portland Oregon with his family in 1972. Where he met the love of his life, Gloria F.
Scott. Leodis and Gloria have been married for 38 years and are the proud parents of
their beautiful gifted and anointed daughter, Martrice Stidum.


Leodis has served as a dedicated Deacon, receiving training and mentorship from his
father-in-law, Apostle Walter Sr., and his mother-in-law, the late Pastor Doris Scott.
Leodis is grateful to have been raised in church as a young boy, however, his passion
to serve at a greater capacity in Miracle Revival Inc. (Now ROCC) became inevitable
after he dedicated more of his time to be involved in the ministry coming alongside his
spiritual leaders and mentors, Apostle Walter Scott Sr., and Pastor Doris Scott.


Leodis has a heart of a servant and a love for people and family that is apparent and
contagious. His marketplace anointing follows him wherever he goes and he is not a
stranger to anyone he meets. He is uplifting, encouraging, and has a kind word for
everyone he encounters. Leodis is proud to have been employed by Oregon Health
Science University where he was employed, serving faithfully for 33 years. He is now
retired with more free time to serve.


He was set in place as Executive Overseer of Operations by his father-in-law and
mother-in-law before her passing. Leodis believes in serving our local church family
body. Leodis believes that we’re not really an outreach church unless we reach out to
our local community and the less fortunate families with the loving hands of Jesus
Christ. Leodis is anointed to serve alongside his wife as the new Pastor of ROCC
without compromise lifting up her arms and echoing “NOW” their own vision, mission,
and commitment to the ROCC ministry.


Together he and Pastor Gloria are a team that love each other, their community, and
their church family. Leodis is anointed to serve alongside his wife without compromise.
He is echoing their vision mission and commitment to the ROCC ministry with a focus
on bringing souls into The Kingdom of God. Leodis' passion and dedication to the
ministry of restoration, is simply amazing.

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