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Pastor Gloria Stidum

Gloria F. Stidum is the President of Miracle Revival Inc, and Pastor of Restoration Outreach Community Center (ROCC), founded by her parents, Walter Scott Sr., and the late Doris G Scott. From their leadership, teaching, training, and exemplary life of evangelism and faithful service, Gloria’s compassion and passion for ministry evolved. Gloria’s passion and love for the community birthed new entrepreneurship as Founder and CEO of The Center of Attention Community Development Center (COA), established in 2019. Because Gloria believes that the tangible love of Christ is best demonstrated not only by what we say but by what we do, the COA is providing self-enhancement and wellness outreach programs to individuals and families in the community. And through this ministry of love, all generations are empowered and encouraged through music, performing arts, counseling, and mentorship.


Gloria is the Founder and CEO of Gloria Stidum Ministries (GSM), (formerly known as Glorious Prophetic International Ministries), since 2005. Over the years, hand in hand with ROCC, this ministry has offered mentoring, dance workshops, seminars, and major community events such as benefit concerts, conferences, and a women’s empowerment retreat. GSM has impacted the world as far-reaching as Africa and Germany, imparting and training the Word of God’s profound truths. Gloria also serves alongside Linda Mitchell-Duncan, President, and Dr. O. Virginia Phillips, Founder, of Women, Men, and Youth of Purpose International (WMYoP) as a Program Director Trainer. Gloria has been dedicated to WMYoP for 28 years. She has taught and trained men, women, and youth the tools and resources that will help expand the impartation of restoration, reconciliation, renewal, unity, and love to hungry people to the glory of God of being Godly leaders both nationally and internationally.


Gloria Stidum has been married to the love of her life and greatest supporter in ministry, Leodis Stidum Jr. for 38 years. Leodis love and covering as a husband extends to all ministries and business as he serves alongside his wife to oversee operations. God has given Leodis and Gloria a pure love that is contagious and transparent as they serve families, singles, and other couples. Gloria and Leodis are the proud parents of their incredible, loving, and supportive daughter, Martrice Stidum of Portland, Oregon. Gloria’s favorite place to be is in the presence of God daily as her most effective audience. Gloria knows and believes by faith that prayer is the key to every negative defeated force. She believes that a prayer life and relationship with God is the only way to embrace effective success in true ministry.

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